Monday, August 9, 2010

Mommy Inspiration for Monday Morning

I woke up today and felt a bit like I was on a merry go 'round with another week beginning. Where do I start? Clean my house, go to the bank, go grocery shopping, attend to my photo business needs, look at the tedious to do list that includes dealing with insurance issues.....I wanted to pull the covers back up over my face! Of course as I heard the sweet giggles and squeals coming from the twins room, that was not an option. My feet hit the floor and I hit the ground running - right to the coffee pot. I was thankfully reminded though that I have "been given fullness in Christ" (Col 2: 10) and that it's going to be OK. One step at a time.

I am also pulling inspiration from a mother of 7 and an encouragement to me, Cortney Novogratz, "Whether it’s one child or ten, all of us as mothers are doing the same thing – it’s a balancing act. If my two daughters go on to become mothers, they’ll be the same: you have to have some kind of outlet. You have to have something to call your own. Because when the kids have all left home you still want to be living a full life. And it’s very exciting to have something that you love and you are able to earn money from. The satisfaction and rewards you get from that help to make the juggling act easier." It's good for me to be concerned with the matters of my household but also a great thing to pursue my own dreams of running a business. So mama's out there - what do you want to pursue today?

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Jasalyn said...

I admire you as a Mom and hope Ill be just as positive; always remembering that the Lord is in control.