Saturday, January 30, 2010

Logo Reveal

My logo is here and I am very pleased with it. I think it's a playful and literal at the same time, mostly it's a good representation of the brand I am beginning to build. I am looking forward to plastering it onto paperwork, images and all sorts of fun stuff. The hubs is now moving on to creating the website, a large but exciting undertaking. Sweet dreams for now...

Happy 1st Birthday Cody!

So sometimes the most impromptu, unplanned photo shoots turn in the best results. My little friend Cody is turning one this week & his mom (my friend Hilary) had a great idea for a photo shoot with him and a birthday cake. While I was there to do the birthday cake photo shoot, I took the 1st birthday hat I had made Cody & decided to throw up a black background just to get some shots of him in it. This is just a set up in their kitchen with natural light & some fill flash. I am IN LOOOVVEE with these shots!

We proceeded to do the cake shoot after these shots & I am still working on those. Lets just say Cody was a little less excited about the cake (not sure why - it looked delicious!) So here are a few of my favs from the impromptu session & I will keep the cake shoot to myself for now :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So I was bitten by the craft bug this week and I did a couple of projects tonight. One is a tutu for Macy & I got the "how to" on this from another blog (Idea Room). I think it turned out great and can't wait for a photo session with her in it! BTW, if you are local to where I am, Walmart has all of their fabric half price. This is a fabulous $3 tutu :)

And on another note, I decided to create a special birthday hat for our friend Cody who is turning one next week! I wish it had some more embellishments but the twins were OVER being in Walmart, and to be honest so was I! I need to refill my stash of crafty fabric...oh and did I mention that a sewing machine is coming my way?! Can't wait to create :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In the works

In the midst of cleaning things, changing diapers, cooking food & all the other glorious duties of a mommy - I have lots of photo related things in the works. One which I am very excited about is my own new logo. This probably seems small and most of you (that know me) are thinking - "her husband is a graphic designer, why is a logo a big deal?" Well it's a big deal because this logo is a long time coming - my husband had a hard time trying to capture me in a logo. Probably because I kept giving him ideas I liked but in the end he said it was really hard to encompass me into a symbol. I will take that as a sweet compliment that all he has come to love about me was hard to squeeze down into an image (& I will pretend he wasn't calling me a crazy, complex lady :)

As some of you also know, my husband, Matt, is working two jobs so that I am able to stay at home with our kids. This leaves little time for his designing that he's so passionate about. In his "spare" time he is also building me a website to display my work. I am doing lots of behind the scenes business type stuff as well. Starting up a business is never easy, especially when squeezing it in between diaper changes and naps but I am realizing every day the blessing it is to have a passion that can also help support my family. I am excited to see where God is leading with my business endeavors.

And if you are looking to book a shoot, I am now booking for spring lifestyle sessions. If you want more info and pricing, shoot me an email - I also am getting booked up on weddings for this year but would love to chat with you if you are a bride to be!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Sweeties

Ok so I know they are mine but I still think that they are really cute. I want to share a few more pics from last weekend's impromptu photo shoot. I really can't believe how fast these babies are growing or how much my life has changed, but I embrace one day at a time. It's hard not to smile looking at these two - they are just precious!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A friend & her soldier

I had the fun opportunity to have a session with my friend Liz and her dog, Marley, this past week. The sun finally came out in DE, can I get an Amen?! so we headed out for a shoot....and we ended up in Maryland for a great session. I do think we were technically tresspassing the whole time but we decided on the way there that between the 3 of us (we had another friend, Markie, along to be the dog trainer) we were going to sweet talk any type of law enforcement that came our way and hope it worked. Thankfully for us, we didn't have any run-ins with the law but just a great morning shoot! These pictures are for Liz's husband, Matt, who is serving in Iraq. In honor of their first anniversary she is sending him a little slice of home with pictures of her and Marley. Well that's enough from me...

Here we grow again :) Ben at 14 months!

This is my best friend's little boy. I am pretty sure the pictures say it all but if you don't want to reach in there and grab his cheeks, you just aren't right :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wedding in a Blizzard!

Here's to Brittany and James, a couple who has anticipated their wedding day for some time! They have dated since high school and their date was set for December 19th, 2009 - who was to know that it would be the date for the largest recorded December snow storm ever for the Northeast? In the 17 whatever inches of snow, the wedding must go on :) So those who made it, made the best of it! Everything from a delayed start to a stand-in groomsmen, the day was an adventure. Here's to Brittany and James, just a few of my favorite photo moments of their day. And no, I didn't only do b & w but I happen to be in love with a lot of them from this wedding day.