Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Pastime

Our kids turn nine months old this week! I know, I know, I say it with every month that passes but it's true, time is flying! Here's a look at their favorite new pastime where they have little ride on cars that they cruise around the house in. Of course they need a push to do that but they're good little riders! This afternoon we went to Grandma's because there's more cruisin' space :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


SO it's great that my husband has all sorts of fun interests, including longboarding. For those of you not familiar, these are long skateboards meant for cruising. We combined his love for longboarding and my love for photography and took a family outting to the reservoir in Newark this afternoon. I am currently taking an online photo workshop and this week's assignment was dealing with capturing motion. Longboarding is fun motion to capture! Thankfully the rain held off and we got in some fun! Matt's brother Bryan came along for the ride!

Monday, March 22, 2010


We had such a great weekend with weather, family and friends! This picture from the park with Matt & Macy pretty much captures my heart (minus Dean of course but you get the idea!)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

my life :)

SO I am totally failing at just having my camera handy for all those life moments with my kids...mostly because there are two of them and one of me most of the time ;) No excuses though today! I took some pics around the house and at the park. My BFF came in town today with her husband and little boy (they live uber far away in Texas where it's pretty much Mexico)! we had pretzels for our second time and bbq chips for the first time..Aunt Stacey slipped the twins their first chips when I wasn't looking. And can you tell from these pictures that her little boy Ben and my Dean are going to find trouble together?!

Baby Bell Belly (couldn't resist!)

Today was a recipe for beautifulness - spell check is telling me that's not a word but I know it is after today. This morning the sun was shining bright over head and we were heading to an over 70 degree day, which is a fabulous treat here this time of year! I met up with some friends who are expecting their first little one next month. They are waiting to be surprised by who shows up, the anticipation would KILL ME but I am so excited for them. It was great to get to capture Kristen's expectant belly and their excitement for what is to come! They even had their dog Chloe along to be a part of the action...someone should tell that dog to get all the loving she can while she still has time :) And I love when this happens but there were too many good ones to choose from so here's a few that I decided showed our shoot the best.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Naptime & my own personal Heaven

So I am working on blogging consistency to please all my readers out there :) All 5 of you will be happy to see it! Haha...OK so if you want a glimpse into what keeps a mother of 8 month old twins sane, here it is. It is my deck during naptime. The ingredients are sunshine, warmth, an iced nonfat latte from sbucks (i got hooked up with giftcards on birthday, AMEN) or a diet dr. pepper and did I mention quiet..or relative quiet, birds and bugs. If you have been a mother or know a mother, these are the moments that help you get through the rest of the day! Yes the laundry is piled up, yes there are dishes to wash, but honestly, those are always there waiting so if you can get a few minutes to yourself - my advice for your sanity is to escape for those few minutes! Let the sun shine on your face, breathe deeply and refresh because in the blink of an eye the kids will be awake & need a diaper change. And seriously... those snow shovels behind me in the picture better go into retirement because spring better be here to stay!

Monday, March 15, 2010

STILL in the works..

No I have not fallen off the face of the planet! The twins have both been taking turns being sick for the past month, add that to all the bad weather and life in's has put a literal damper on my blogging! The exciting news is that Matt (my cute hubby & graphic designer) has made major headway on my custom website. I really can't wait for others to get to see it...his skills in design and just a little piece of my heart in my photos! In the meantime here are a couple shots from a short weekend trip to Florida that Matt & went on a couple weekends ago. These were all taken in St. Augustine, it's a really rad town if you've never been!

I am also now booking for Spring sessions! Contact me if you are interested,