Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Devon & TC!

I am so tired I can hardly see straight after the weeks I have had but I was dying to blog these tonight for those that have been waiting to see them! Devon and TC got married this past weekend in Middletown, DE on a hot, hot day! We got some great shots around town, including with a very nice man's classic car. Thanks mr. classic car man who was also a photographer, your car made for a few great shots. Here's to Devon & TC who are soaking up the sun in the Domincan right now...I am really jealous :)

And for the record I still remember when Devon told me one day a couple years ago, "I have a date tonight with a guy from my church..".....ahahahaha, LOVE how God works! Congrats you two!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hydrangea Obession and a few other things

Happy Tuesday friends! I wanted to take a moment to post on one of my latest obsessions, the fabulous hydrangeas in our yard. When we moved into our house almost 4 years ago, there was a sad looking bush in the back yard. I had no idea what it even was and it never flowered or anything. Last year, upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a hydrangea that just wasn't flowering. I thought that this was sad, since hydrangeas are one of my absolute favorites! Especially for decorating, they are a great flower for around the house. Any-who, I had the stroke of genius to "feed" the plant this year in spring with some of that plant stuff you see at Home Depot... I am no gardener by any means, I kill lots of plants inside and out but that sad little bush has blossomed into a gorgeous, bloom-filled plant! Here are a few quick shots I took today, straight out of the camera in the afternoon sun. (And yes, it's like 100 degrees in the shade here today!)

I also have been doing lots of praying and thinking, I heard Francis Chan call this "prinking" - I like it :) LOTS going on in my life this week with teaching VBS, gearing up to shoot a wedding on Saturday, and celebrating the twins first birthday on Sunday! So much swirling in my head in regards to my business...many things have gone slower than I wanted in the launching process but these things take time. I keep telling myself Rome definitely wasn't built in a day! I want to wave a magic wand and have everything magically appear but I am having to take it one step at a time with hopefully some exciting things to come.

And those of you reading this blog - I would love for you to start giving some feedback (aka "comments")! Lets hear it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day & Such

It's getting late and this is a SUPER busy week...VBS at Ogletown and then a wedding to shoot on Saturday and then the twins first birthday party on Sunday! My oh my I am in deep but will just keep swimming :) I just want to share some of the sweetness from Matt's first father's day and from some fun in the pool today with the kiddos! You definitely need to check out Macy's little snaggletooth - it's so darn cute I had to make sure to get some pictures of it before it's little friend comes in next to it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mia Rose

My good friend Chantel had a baby a couple weeks ago and her sweet baby girl is Mia Rose. (I like her middle name, it's my middle name too :) Mia is so little and cute, it's hard to think that she will ever tell a lie or hit her brother...but we know these things will come in time! But for today, I just ate up her cuteness and I want to share some of that cuteness with all of you! Of course we had to squeeze in some shot with big brother Josh too!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


I always think crazy things so I decided that I can be fo' real and share those crazy things about myself. I mean all of you 3 readers out there might get a chuckle. So here's a few confessions from today.

1. I like watching muscles work, not in a creepy way like checking people out, but just watching how the body works always amazes me! Especially with my kids, I like seeing them learning how to make their little bodies do what they want it to do.

2. I have a thing for Jeeps and almost always fits that I married a boy with a big jacked up one :) He's just glad that he has two babies and still gets to keep the Jeep!

3. I like shallow tv sometimes & my DVR would totally rat me out.... think the Hills & Bachelorette.... I rip the show apart the whole time I watch it, but yet I am watching it

4. I give myself pep talks when I go running....everything from statistics on heart disease to "just run to the next corner"....

That's enough soul bearing for today, more confessions to come another day! Here's to getting to know each other internet friends!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Evolving Personal Style

I am currently in a place in life that I think a lot of women find themselves in. I have been a mommy for almost a year and was prego for nine months before that. These last 20 months have been a major style challenge to say the least! It is hard to try to stay stylish while pregnant, especially when you are ginormous with twins like I was. By the end of pregnancy I could only wear two pairs of shoes, both stretchy top flip flops because my feet and ankles were so swollen. Even once my sweet babies were born, all that baby weight did not leave with them unfortunately! This past year had been a lot of hard work on trying to get back to a healthy weight to maintain an active lifestyle. During all of these body changes I have had to have a mish-mosh of a wardrobe and I have found it a challenge. I don't think I ever realized how much I cared about how much I presented myself through clothing until I didn't really have a lot to choose from. I know, I know, some of you that know me might be thinking "it's not like she had anything special going on to begin with in the style department" but I like to think that I at least looked put together in my past life :) And yes, my husband and I refer to it now as "LBK" - "life before kids" - it's a term frequently used in our house.
So where does all this leave me now? I mostly have a closet full of things I wish I could fit into. I am slowly getting back into my LBK clothes that were bigger on me then, but pretty much I still feel like a frump or like I am wearing someone else's clothes. What is my point to all this chatter? Well I have been giving it thought and decided that my personal style has some evolving to do. I need to embrace my new life, body shape, and other such things about life as a mommy.

Being short on cash and time, shopping can be tough but if you know me at know I can do things well on a tight budget. Part of letting your style evolve is allowing yourself to do things differently, challenge yourself to go to a new place to shop. I did this very thing today. I went against my instincts and strolled through the door of forever 21. I know, I know..."that store is for 12 year olds with no hips" but something that I said a lot in ministry is that "you can't keep doing something the same way and expect a different result." Low and behold today in forever 21 I found 3 totally different, fabulous and flattering tops for each less than $23. God also sent a wardrobe fairy god-mother in the form of my friend Dorothy to just so happen to be in the dressing room with her daughter when I got there :)

I need to try new things and not be afraid! This is a motto in my life with a lot of things right now. I have to say I have a new style inspiration too, it's Cortney Novogratz of Sixx Design and Bravo's 9 By Design show. She is a mother of 7, including 2 sets of twins, amen! She has fabulous personal style and a great eye for design. I might talk more about her in another post..I have gone on long enough. SOOOO who are your style inspirations? What life changes have spurred you on to make style changes? What are your best tips for updating your style?

And because everything is better with a picture, here's a little piece of my heart...and Macy is not worried about her style yet because being nakie is the cutest!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Pricing Structure

Dear friends & clients,
I want to let you know that Emily Troutman Photography will be going through a pricing structure change. As many of you know, it's hard when starting up a small business. Borrowing from another photographer's quote "You go from being a photographer to also being a photographer AND a business owner, secretary, book keeper, accountant, marketing executive, etc." This is a wonderful but huge transition in my life that I have been working on, all while surviving the first year as a mommy of twins! So what I am saying is that as of July 1, 2010 we will have a new pricing structure and my official website will be launched. There's lots going on here at the Troutman house as always and by God's grace he is allowing me to pursue my dreams. Thank you to all of you who hire me and believe in me to capture your families lives!

**And I am still booking for summer lifestyle sessions on weekdays, weddings have me booked on weekends. Shoot me an email if you want to book now,**

With Love,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Allison and Nicholas, welcome to the world!

SO as many of you know, I have a set of boy/girl twins. It is almost their first birthday and I thought for sure that once I had twins, surely none of my other friends would have the same experience. I just thought that I had taken up the odds :) Turns out I was very wrong because my good friend Julie just had Allison and Nicholas last month! We have bonded over many things during our more than a decade friendship, including each others weddings and sharing air mattresses on many a mission trip :) Both being mommies to twins was not something we ever foresaw in our futures but now it's such a huge part of our identities. Julie, unlike me, was already a mommy to her sweet 3 year old Ella, so Allison and Nicholas joined their big sister Ella in the Bacon house! Here are some pics I got to grab this last week while I stopped by for a visit. Ella of course didn't mind letting me snap a few of just her & they ended up being some of my favs!

And shout out to my GREAT friend Lisa who watched my babies and her baby while I went to see Julie! Thanks Lisa, couldn't have done it without your help this week!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alexis graduates!

I have another beautiful cousin who graduated college this last week! We did a short photo session a couple weeks ago, it had to be short due to the crazy weather we were experiencing. You know the sun is out one second and then it's pouring the next?! We made the most of it and got a few great shots. Lex was hoping to surprise her mom with this session so I had to wait to post them :) Enjoy!